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Discount Real Estate Agents

Buying or selling a home and getting a great deal is often harder than it looks, however it's not impossible.

What Is A Discount Real Estate Agent?

A discount real estate agent simply is an agent that is willing to work for you than a lower rate than others may be willing to give. So why does the word discount have such a negative connotation to it? Usually consumers enjoy saving money.

Where Can I Find Discount Real Estate Agents?

At Home Stimulus, when you go to choose an agent in the portal, all our partner agents have previously agreed to honor the rebate you build so you don't have to worry about searching around.

We analyze performance and rank discount agents from all different brokerages including: Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Century 21, and more.

Does A Discount Agent Offer Less Services?

Not usually! Good discount agents many times even offer more services than full price agents. This is because to offer their services at a discount, you have to be really good in order to be more efficient and make up for the reduced compensation.

The agents that do offer less, are typically not producers and don't do a significant amount of volume and are really looking for a way to save time and money. These are definitely agents you want to avoid.

How Do Discount Brokers Make Money?

Successful discount real estate agents actually tend to make more money than full price agents on average, but how is this possible? 

Technology, volume, and referrals. Every single successful discount realtor that we have analyzed have shared some common principals.

  • They leverage technology to be more efficient and offer a more streamlined service for the consumer.
  • They also operate on volume because simple math shows that they have to close more deals to make the same amount of money as their competitor.
  • Finally, successful discount brokerages always have a significant amount of referral clients, because when they save their clients money, usually the consumer will spread the word without even being asked to.

How Much Can You Save?

Your savings will all depend on which discount agent you hire and some agents don't make it clear. But we set out to simplify this and put the power and control in your hands.

Through Home Stimulus you can build, increase, and track your Home Rebate realtime with a transparent self service portal. The more you do, and the further you get, the more savings you will be able to accumulate. No questions, no concerns.

Does It Really Take 6% To Sell A House?

Absolutely not. If we look back 20 years ago, it was much harder to sell a home, and therefor the compensation was justified.

However with the scale of technology advancements with real estate portals, electronic signatures, and e-escrow services, most buyers do the long process of home shopping online without an agent at all. The amount of hours it takes to help a consumer is drastically reduced.

Should Buyers Use A Discount Agent?

First off, the buyers usually never are the ones paying for the agents commission. Typically it is the seller who pays for both agents commissions, so buyers typically don't have to worry about the discount vs full price dilemma.

However, this is where using Home Stimulus really comes in extra handy.

As a buyer you can get a commission rebate which means your home rebate is all upside! Simply put, our Home Stimulus partner agents are ready to help you find your next home, and you get paid in the process! 

Tech Savvy Agents Are Killing It!

The new generation of real estate agents are often taking a discount approach, because they are coming in with a fresh set of eyes.

When you compare the amount of work a post graduate professional will have to do in the workplace making $15-$20 an hour, it is a no brainer to not be so greedy and try to hold onto outdated 6-7% fee structures.

By offering consumers a rebate or a discount, an agent is actually able to make more money when you account for the inbound referrals generated.

Accountability Is Needed

When agents reduce commissions, we want to make sure the same level of service is provided as a full price commission. Accountability is possible through a combination of automated consumer feedback, and vendor placement. Only top vendors show, and the top performers have much more on the line than a quick check.

Home Stimulus takes all the guess work out of finding a discount broker.

Create a free account and start building your rebate today. 

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